Our Service

Video / TV Commercial Shooting

  • Creative idea pitching
  • Job quotation and budget estimation
  • Pre-production arrangement
    • Location recce
    • Props preparation
    • Equipment rental
    • Casting
    • Crew
    • Wardrobe and styling
  • Co-production for oversea directors

Post Production

  • Offline editing
  • Online visual effect
  • Colour grading (TC)

Music Production & Voice Over Dubbing

  • Music scoring & production
  • Voice over recording & editing
  • Sound effect design & mixing
Venue Rental
  • Stylish meeting / presentation room
  • Offline / online editing room with high-speed Mac for HD output
  • Sound-proof studio with experienced engineers


What's news

Redline office as a shooting location

Our office has renovated in a LOFT style which features a wide open floor, high ceiling and large window.  There is one meeting room, one offline editing room and one TC / Audio studio for presentation.  Our kitchen and open office space are also welcome for shooting location rental.  Please email for rate card and more information.



Sino Club

Agency: Tomorrow Communication

Director: Bun Mok
Assistant Director: Chui Wa
Producer: Gail Choi
DOP: James Chan & Amber Leung
Art Director: Yin
Offline Editor: Bun and Chui Wa
Online Editor: Jay
Sound and Mixing: Nile Mok

HKMCA Story 1 Office

Agency: Ogilvy

Director: Penny Cheng
Producer: Shelly Tsang
DOP: Chi Yuen
Art Director: Ho G
Offline Editor: Ching
Online Editor: Snake
Colourist: Chung
Sound and Mixing: Jackie Yu

Glory Sun

Director: Ben Mok
Producer: Gail Choi
DOP: James Chan
B-roll Cameraman: Amber Leung
Art Director: Sofa
Offline Editor: Ching
Online Editor: Snake
Colourist: Allen
Sound and Mixing: Nile Mok