Redline Production Limited

Redline Production Limited is founded in 2013 with major business at TV commercial shooting, visual post-production, music scoring, voice over dubbing and mixing works. We make memorable TVC and also provide innovative creative ideas with professional executions to deliver client’s message in order to accomplish their marketing goals.


Jackie graduated from City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media since 2003.
The idea of connecting people through connected creative process drives him to start Redline Production in 2013, which aims at serving every creative idea in a true complete manner.
His favorite quote : Work Hard Stay Humble !


Penny graduated from Communication School of Hong Kong Baptist University since 2000, and started his career in TV Commercial industries in the offlohi Ltd.
In 2005, he started to co-direct TV Commercials with the two famous and experienced directors, Alfred Hau and David Pun.
In 2010, he left offlohi and established The Penny Ltd.


Graduated in the School of Journalism and Communication from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. Then worked in 2 renowned production houses, Off Lo Hi and Bleu Arc. Also worked in Phoenix TV in between the jobs, but it's nothing like the advertising industry. Have been working as a director since July 2015.
Enjoy life. Love movies. Hate rules. Worship balance. Eat good. Stay young. Appreciate creativity. Prefer changes. This is me.

Visual Effect Supervisor - SNAKE

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