We are happy to show you some of our latest video production works, directed by Penny Cheng, Ken So, Orson Chan, Kristanto Harris and Snake Leung.  Please feel free to take a look and do let us know if you are interested to learn more.

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Email: Wingyee@redline-prod.com.hk

  Our recent production

美國運通Explorer信用咭 – Be The Next Explorer
Directed by Orson Chan

富途 【成立十週年  十年同行】
Directed by Ken So

香港年金 《Like Father Like Son》微電影
Directed by Penny Cheng

Minute Maid® 果汁梳打 
Directed by Kristanto Harris

Pizza Hut – I Know That Feel
Directed by Ken So

Häagen-Dazs – 脆の心動 一試傾心
Directed by Penny Cheng

Sunlife 永明  【一代耕耘 幾代收穫】
Directed by Ken So

周生生 – Infini Love Diamond
Directed by Snake




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